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Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. It is: "...a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." - The World Health Organization.

"A conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving full potential." - The National Wellness Institute Wellness is more than being free from illness; it is a dynamic process of change and growth.

Why Wellness Matters

Wellness matters because everything we do and every emotion we feel relates to our well-being. In turn, our well-being directly affects our actions and emotions.

Wellness Programs

Wellness programs are programs intended to improve and promote health and fitness.

Wellness programs can:

  • Help us reduce pain and stress
  • Be more physically active
  • Eat healthier
  • Use medications wisely
  • Work with a health care team
  • Make decisions about health care
  • Everyone can improve their health regardless of age.

Some Examples of Effective Programs:

  • Living Well with Chronic Conditions
  • Tomando Control de su Salud
  • Matter of Balance
  • Enhance Fitness / Enhance Wellness
  • Chronic Pain Self-Management Program
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How do I find a Wellness Program?

  • For any of the above programs, go to the Washington State Department of Health Living Well with Chronic Conditions webpage to find a workshop near you. This page also provides information on training for workshop leaders.
  • WIN-211 lists a large number of wellness programs for persons of all ages. You can search by topic (e.g. Health Education) and county.
  • CLC partners also retain lists of wellness programs provided through the local Area Agency on Aging.

How do I pay for a Wellness program?

Some sites may charge a small fee to cover the cost of the course materials.

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